About Us

Dawn Irby (photo)  Dawn Michelle Irby, Executive Director and Administrator of IMS Users Group

Technologically-minded, Dawn’s experience combines 25 years of insurance sales in both large and small agencies, and 30 years of customer service. This combination creates a unique understanding of the evolving computer system/Web-based needs of the modern insurance agency, and how to use these tools to enhance efficiency, productivity, sales, and record maintenance needs.

Our Governing Committees

The IMS Users Group has three dedicated committees, each working to make sure our group is the most effective for our members’ current and future needs.


This committee works with Xanatek directly to review product development/enhancement requests and to offer assistance within the scope of future development of the IMS product to best serve the existing IMS client base.



This committee organizes the webinars and workshops that are offered throughout the year. The work includes determining which topics that agencies need to enhance their use of IMS for webinars along with determining the workshops, location and content.



Our membership committee works with us to continue to reach out to agencies and help them understand the value of the organization and what the IMS Users Group can help them achieve in their agencies.


Want to volunteer on one of these committees?  Send us an email!